DUMAA and the Endowment Fund Project

Who we are:
Dhaka University Microbiology Alumni Association (DUMAA).
What is our purpose:
We have created an endowment fund (approx. $30-35 thousand) for the welfare of the Department (Research and Development; Scholarships for students; Books, Journals for Departmental Library etc).
How the fund will work:
The fund will be fixed deposited in Dhaka and will be managed by a Board of Trustees. 50 % of the profit generated each year from the fund will be used by the Department. The remainder 50 % will be re-invested with the capital. So the capital and hence the available for the Department will increase every year. This will be an everlasting and ever-increasing gift from the present generation of microbiologists for the future generation of Microbiologists.
Who are the donors:
Microbiology Alumni residing in Bangladesh and abroad. Also friends and well-wishers of the Department of Microbiology.
When the fund will be launched:
In 2006. Target date March 30.
What message the Project will carry:
The concept of endowment fund for a Department in an University is new in Bangladesh. All Departments and all Universities should have such funds so that they can become world class centers for studies and research. We would like to get maximum publicity so that other Departments in DU and other Universities are motivated to create such funds.
How we will publicize our project:
We will bring a Souvenir Book with message from distinguished people in home and abroad, all donors, well-wisher and will be distributed to all Departments of all universities in Bangladesh. Newspapers (from Home and abroad), TV, radio, Internet all publicity media will be utilized to the fullest extent. Lecture series will be arranged in the different departments of DU.
What we expect from You:
Support and encouragement; a message to be included in our Souvenir Book.

Address for sending contribution for the "Endowment Fund":
Ashfaque Hossain
3605 S. 112th Street
Omaha, NE 68144

DUMAA Constitution

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